Booze & Botanicals




  • Savory Popcorn (Rosemary, Black Pepper, Parmesan, CBD Olive Oil)
  • Gelato (Lavender + Cardamom + Cinnamon)

**Cocktail: Don’t Kill My Good Vibes


First Course (Salad):

  • Goddess Bowl
    • Include an Herb-based Dressing or Sauce and Infuse the Hummus (herb infused olive oil)
      • Dressing/Sauce: Turmeric Powder + Black Pepper (possibly a Greek Yogurt sauce)
      • Infused Olive Oil: Ashwagandha Root + Eleuthero Root

**Cocktail: Goddess Tea (fresh, floral, exotic)


Second Course (Small Plate):

  • Flatbread or Toast Point with Grilled Oysters (Lemongrass)
    • We could do the flatbread/toast point like ‘Lemon Spaghetti’ or we could even serve a small amount of pasta with the oysters.

**Cocktail: Wake Tea (this tea contains lemongrass. bright, grassy, invigorating)


Third Course (Entrée):

  • Chicken + Black Waffles (activated charcoal) with Elderberry Syrup

**Cocktail: Activated Charcoal or Be Well Tea (this tea contains elderberry)


Fourth Course (Dessert Trio):

  • Lemongrass Crème Brule
  • Beet Root Bites (Beet Root Powder, Cacao Powder)
  • Orange/Ginger/Rose CBD Brownies (Orange Peel + Ginger Root Powder + Rose Petals)

**Cocktail: “Espresso” Martini with Dandelion Root + Cacao Powder (dandelion is similar to coffee)